bio polymer plastic

Now a day use of plastic has been increased tremendously. Generally a plastic is hazardous to our environment. Regular plastic are less degradable in nature. It is found in the earth even after we try to decompose. Bio polymer is best replacement for plastic. It is polymer which easily get decompose in nature without any side effects or emission of pollutions.

Bio polymer is polymer which is natural, eco friendly and easily degradable in nature. These polymers can be produce from natural resources such are starch, corn, agricultural plants or from animal products. All these polymers are 100% natural and can be easily dissolved in earth without harming our environments. Biopolymers are chain like molecule of chemical blocks. The product of bio polymer is produce from living organism so it is degradable and can easily reusable.

bio polymer plastics

There are four main types of biopolymer based respectively on:
1. Starch
2. Sugar
3. Cellulose
4. Synthetic materials

Bio polymers are mainly classified in three groups depends on their repeating unit nature. These are made of sugars, amino acids and nucleotides. Normally bio polymers are easily available in plant source and living organisms.

Generally renewable resources or synthetic recourses materials are used to produce bio polymers. There are two main process followed in synthetic polymers. One is build from chemical polymerization from monomers and other one is natural polymers occurred by natural recourses which are modified by chemicals to desired properties. Here one disadvantage of chemical polymerization is ti affect the degradability of products. We have to take measure precaution to maintain the desired properties of product for it its biodegradability.

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