Bio Polymer Applications

bio plastics

Bio Plastics

Now a day use of plastic products are highly increased in every region of industries such as textile, agriculture, food packaging. Regular use of plastic is hazardous to our environment it emits the pollution during its degradation and not completely get degrade in earth. Bio plastic is best replacement for regular plastics. These bio plastic are eco friendly and 100% natural. It is bio degradable. Bio plastic can be used in agriculture, food packaging and textile industry.

natural papers

Natural Papers

Natural papers are also known as recyclable papers. These papers are natural and reusable. Here by the use of natural papers we save our wood recourses, more than 80% wood resources and water are save. Advantage of natural papers is that it can recycle and reused which save our environments directly. The paper is used as letter head, greeting cards, post cards and many more.

natural fibers

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are produce from natural resources like animal or from plants. Plenty of fibers can be available from our natural resource. These fibers are finally getting converted into woven knitted fiber, ropes and treads. Cotton is the best example of natural fiber. Its smooth texture and wearable nature gives good feel to our skin.



Natural fibers are greatly elongated substances produced by plants and animals that can be spun into filaments, thread or rope. Woven, knitted, matted or bonded, they form fabrics that are essential to society. Cotton is popular for a reason - its soft texture and breathable nature make it very wearable, and it just feels good against your skin.

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